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If you find yourself thinking - how do I find great wedding vendors in Austin? The fastest way is to hire an amazing wedding planner, let them get to know you and tailer their knowledge and experience specifically for you. Some of our favorites are listed below. We know not everybody will be doing that, so if you fit in this category, this page of resources is here to help you. Hitting the forums is a great way to find out about super vendors, but not everybody is there. Also, here is a chance to get an insider's perspective. Without further ado, here are some of our friends and colleagues who we recommend (in alphabetical order).

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Bands and options for Cocktail and Reception

Austin Phonograph Company Here's something unique for you: vintage recordings played from 78's on hand cranked Victrolas and phonograph players.

Andrew Grainger Looking for a pianist? We have one on our roster, but we have been crossing paths with Andrew for the past five years and can solidly recommend him.

Corinna Rachel - classic jazz with a classic voice, plus Corrina is an absolute pleasure to work with! We collaborated together for a FIRST for Hill Country Strings - after we played the ceremony, the cocktail hour and the dinner hour, we supplemented the band with our strings for the newlywed's first dance!

East Side Dandies/ Thrift Set Orchestra - (two links) two slightly different approaches of 20's and 30's jazz from the undisputed BEST in the hot jazz scene. These good friends of ours perform high energy and upbeat music for dancing and revelry.

Memphis Train Revue - The hardest working Classic Soul R&B in town. Some good friends have played in their horn section for years.


Blue Note Bakery We met the ultra-creative and amazing Angela Jiles back in 2009 when promoting our first (jazz) saxophone quartet at a Rare Magazine Wedding event. We thought it fitting for the saxes to spend some time at the Blue Note Bakery table. In the mean time her cakes and our players have often been in each other's vicinities at weddings.


Catering With a Twist You may have already heard about Kassie (owner) and Lexy (executive chef) as they are rising stars. Their popularity is well deserved; we have sampled a lot of their creations and everything we've had has been mind blowing!

Crave Catering We first worked together with Crave Catering in 2009 for a business opening party that was organized by The Simplifiers. It was the grand opening of Crestview RV in Georgetown, Texas. No joke! I think our pop songs were as big of a hit as the fact that they had a string quartet playing at the party!

Word of Mouth Catering We have been performing music at the same weddings that Word of Mouth has served their delicious food since 2007!


Unexpected Elements Wendee's floral creations are absolutely stunning, and we have seen her fine work at dozens of weddings!

Wild Poppy Floral and Event Design We ran across Wild Poppy Floral at a wedding at the LBJ Wildflower Center in 2007, and have been crossing paths with them ever since!

Photography and Videography

Andy Sams Andy is a passionate and diligent photographer with a strong work ethic, and his work backs that up.

Cory Ryan We have known Cory for the longest time and she is an amazing person and a super photographer!

Digitalegacy We have known Marc Brown of Digitalegacy for over ten years, and not only is he one of the most talented photographers out there, but he is super fun to be around - which is an important quality in a photographer since you'll be spending some of your most intimate moments during your wedding with yours.

Studio Uma Photography We discovered Uma's work online while facebooking, and we really dig her pictures and her style. We're sold. If you find her here and work together please let us know how it goes!

Wedding Photojournalist Association Here you can cross reference a photographer you may be interested in.


Anibella Ink and Paper We met Rachel at a social in September 2012 before realizing that her incredible wedding stationary and paper products have been at many Hill Country Strings weddings. Love her aesthetic!

Sarah Eileen We met Sarah at the 2013 Engaged! Bridal Event. We love the stunning wedding gowns she designs and makes to order!

Uptown Valet We have worked a number of weddings over the years with Arrington Grawunder of Uptown Valet. He is great and his team is always on their game.

Event Rentals

Marquee Events In 2007 you can start seeing Marquee Events and Hill Country Strings at the same weddings. But ironically it was only in 2012 that we first met Damon, and he is quite a character! His award winning company is a leader in the industry, with strong ethics and a fantastic team.

Whim Event Rentals We feel gratitude for sitting at the same table (so to speak) with Whim at several weddings in 2012, their first year. They really bring it, and have already been featured in Style Me Pretty and Southern Weddings.

Wedding Planning and Consultation

Bird Dog Wedding Working with Emily has been an absolute joy! She is an award winning coordinator whose work has been featured many blogs including Southern Weddings. Our 2012 wedding together at Mercury Hall is featured in the February 2013 issue of Tribeza magazine. She really pulls out all the stops and we dug deep into our pop collection for Mica & Adam! (Tribeza, Austin Arts and Culture magazine.)

Brass Tacks Events Kevin is intelligent, engaging, spirited, ultra-creative and lot of fun. We have witnessed a few events he has put together, and they absolutely top rate. We look forward to collaborating with him, possibly on your wedding!

Brock and Co Events What can we say? We LOVE Becky and her incredible team, the thoughtful, unique and fantastic weddings they put together, and are honored and proud to have worked with them on countless weddings. Their hard work, diligence, and attention to detail compliments ours. They have allowed us to stretch our bounderies and shine where we already excel.
In return, they can lean on us to showcase our customized song choices and instrumentations. Every wedding requires a team effort, and as far as we are concerned, BZ Events is the BEST team in the world.

Savvy Events Practically the moment we met Lisa and David in 2012, they brought us in on an incredible event they produced called Luxury 2 Die 4, a showcase of some of the finest wedding vendors in town. They definitely proved their savvy by doing it in downtown's newest and most impressive open air venue: Brazos Hall, not to mention Marie Antoinette's gown made of flowers, the ice sculpture guillotine, and the complete mobile 80's acrade. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with this powerhouse duo and their team.


Venues are so personal, and lucky for us, there are so many fantastic ones here in Austin and the Hill Country. And here's another thing to remember about venues, especially if you're in a situation where you're saying "I didn't get my first choice wedding venue!"
Remember that a wedding is an event; with people. The most important people in your life, actually. So creating an environment where memories that will last forever will be made, is equally important as where you are. And what we do with our music goes a LONG way in creating a memorable environment, even though you don't often see us musicians in pictures on websites and blogs.
So, some of our favorites.

Barr Mansion Would you believe that back in the 90's I sometimes sweated it out in the catering kitchen at Barr Mansion!? I almost can't believe it myself. This has blossomed into such an amazing Victorian and eco-friendly venue! (one that I'm much more comfortable at when I'm in a string quartet!)

Barton Creek Country Club We are real regulars here - we have done every kind of wedding imaginable at BCCC. Two that stick out in my mind are the Persian Christian wedding a few years ago, where the bridal party held a veil of sugar over the couple. And in 2008 when we were playing a cocktail hour with the string quartet to a crowd of at least 250 in the Darrell Royal Ballroom. That right there is where our sax quartet was conceived. (It was pretty loud with all the socializing going on).

LBJ Wildfower Center This is one of Austin's most beautiful wedding locations, and we have done many weddings here over the years. In fact, it was at the Wildflower Center that we gave the first of our two incredibly popular public string quartet concerts of 2005. However, the beauty of the WFC comes with a challenge for a wedding, which is waiting until it closes to the public before getting everything in and setup. If you can work around that logistic, you have a slam dunk.

Mercury Hall Another one of Austin's treasures, this 1904 Hall moved all the way from the frontier town of Mercury, Texas, is now nestled amongst looming South Austin live oak trees. We have played countless weddings there, but my favorite was the one with our original violist Jessie England, even though that's when Denmark stole our favorite East Texas girl.

Star Hill Ranch Star Hill Ranch is like a movie set of a Western town, out on Hamilton Pool road. Its 1899 chapel is one of my personal favorite places to play hymns like Come Thou Fount with the string quartet.

Stonehouse Villa We found out about this new venue in 2012 and have yet to play here, but what I can tell you about it is that it is gorgeous, it has a classic yet rustic style, and we LOVE Senor and the entire staff.


If you know of an amazing Austin or Hill Country wedding venue that is a secret, please tell us about it and why you like it!


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