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We offer all of our busy brides ceremony music programs that appropriately and tastefully fulfill the stylistic vision for their weddings. We know planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and long lists of unfamiliar music titles don't make things any easier! Therefore, in addition to the flexibility of full access to our extensive traditional and pop libraries, as well as the option of having as much music arranged for your ceremony as necessary, we offer full assistance and guidance in the planning and execution for your perfect program.

This usually comes in the form of string quartet, trio, Dulcinea Duo or solo harp. There are many other instrumentations we can provide, but we limit our initial offerings to these proven ensembles that deliver the best results. To save you time, the popular packages are listed below (scroll down).

Solo instruments packages start at $400.

String Quartet

A favorite configuration for over two hundred years, the string quartet (two violins, viola and cello) is the recommended string ensemble. It yields a luscious and elegant sound, and is incredibly versatile. This combination provides the perfect balance of range and timbre, to give your music a feeling of completeness, be it contemporary pop songs or traditional selections. You can have a traditional ceremony, or spice things up with string quartet versions of your favorite songs. You get to choose which package is right for you, use the form above to send me a note and get started.

Trumpet Fanfare

While the string quartet itself is exquisite, the addition of the trumpet takes it to another level. Adding a classic fanfare to the bridal processional leaves no doubt when the bride has arrived! We have added two trumpets at some weddings.

Cocktail & Dinner Hour Music

8 times out of 10, our string quartet stays and plays some light background music while your guests are catching up and you're off getting your pictures taken. This is a popular option that is a great value.

Trios, Duos, Soloists and Other Ensembles

Woodwind Trio, Saxophone Quartet, Harp-Guitar, Harp, Solo Scandinavian Folk Fiddle, Yiddish Trio (violin, guitar and bass), and Solo Cello/Looping Cello are all available.

Experience the gorgeous elegance of the Woodwind Trio (oboe, flute and cello). Recommended for indoor ceremonies, not suitable for hot summer Texas days due to the delicate nature of the oboe. This can also be a string trio with two violins and cello.

Harp Guitar is a classical guitar with an added bass range. It is like the ancient lute of the Renaissance and Middle-East. Our Harp Guitar player Stephen Bright has been the playing Sunday Mass at St. Mary's Catholic Church for the past 15 years. He is available as a soloist (only available through Jan. 1, 2015), or you can combine the elegance of a stringed instrument, with the versatility of the Harp Guitar with our affordably priced Dulcinea Duo.

Dulcinea Duo is Harp Guitar and Violin. Musically, this compact duo covers all the bases, so it is the best value in a duo that you can get for your wedding. The Harp Guitar covers melody, harmony, and bass all on its own. Add the bowed string elements of a violin, and you get elements of harp, guitar, and string quartet all in one duo! Listen to the Dulcinea Duo.

Harp: the classic instrument of love. Also, louder than you think! You've always wanted a harp at your wedding? Not a problem, we work with Austin's best harp players! Use the form above to get in touch and send me a note asking for more information. I think the harp is the perfect solo instrument for your wedding ceremony.

Solo Cello and Looping Cello: Brand new to our offering is our longtime friend Jen who is an amazing cellist available for solo acoustic cello, and cool solo looping with electric cello. Mention this in your note above and I can tell you more when we talk.

Scandinavian Folk Fiddle Our friend Lisa plays solo fiddle in the Scandinavian style, for an earthy wedding ceremony.

Yiddish Trio Lisa and husband Erik play classic Yiddish folk and ceremony music for your Jewish wedding and cocktail hour. Either as a fiddle/upright bass duo or also adding a guitar.

Classical Saxophone Quartet: the award winning Bel Cuore quartet, are perfect for brides who think outside of the box. It is an especially memorable and remarkably individual option. To my knowledge, Hill Country Strings is the only company in the world offering saxophone quartets for weddings. The quartet is the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone; voiced nearly identically to a string quartet. This group yields a full, velvety, elegant sound, yet is many times louder than a string quartet, easily handling cocktail hours with an excess of 200 guests with no amplification. We recommend this option if you are having 200 guests or more, and really want to make an impression! You have to hear it to believe it! Click here to listen to samples.

Rehearsal Dinner Music

We are now happy to offer a great small group for your rehearsal dinner at an affordable price, Barbecue Tom and the Hotdog. This is a duo or trio - depending on the situation - with guitar, violin and upright bass, that plays a mixture of classic Hot Jazz and Classic Tangos from the 1930's. This is a mellow, yet upbeat addition to really make your party or cocktail hour pop - listen to the sound examples of Barbecue Tom and the Hotdog here.

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Providing you with exquisite music is a privilege for which we are grateful. Keeping that in mind, we are delighted to help you choose selections for your event which are complimentary and enriching to your vision. Our brides are thoughtful and discriminating, and are generally very busy people: so we do our best to respect your time and efforts. If you would like more information about booking the Hill Country Strings, please call Thomas at 512-689-1975 and let me know about your wedding vision and we can discuss how to enhance it with *your* music, through one of our ensembles. If you feel more comfortable with an email, then email and request more information. Please include the details of your event; including the date, time and address.

A contract and deposit reserves your date with the Hill Country Strings. We are booked out an average of six to twelve months in advance, our calendar stays very full, so it's a good idea to reserve a date as soon as possible.

(512) 689-1975 | booking@hillcountrystrings.com
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