Package Options

For you we offer the best music, service and players in town for a stress free planning and wedding day experience. Any music you can dream of, in a tasteful string quartet presentation that will leave a lasting impression you and your guests! Start with our Traditional or Pop package, which come with all of the essential repertoire choices and a reservation for one our A-List teams. From there you can continue to customize your music either a la carte, or in a more comprehensive package, as best suits your needs.

String Quartet

Two violins, viola and cello have been a favorite combination for over two hundred years, and there's good reason for it: it is the essence of the symphony orchestra. The string quartet brings the luscious and elegant string sound to your shaded grove, hilltop, riverside, church or ballroom - perfectly mobile and easy. The balance of range and timbre between the four instruments gives your event a feeling of completeness, be it contemporary pop songs or traditional selections.

Trumpet Fanfare

For our Traditional programs, announcing your entrance with a Trumpet Fanfare is a great option that we are happy to offer.

Cocktail & Dinner Hour Music

Often, our couples choose to keep their string quartet through the cocktail and dinner hours. It all depends on what is right for your wedding. This popular option is a way to enhance your day at great value.

Trios, Duos, Soloists and Other Ensembles

Thanks to our adventurous spirit customizing weddings, over the years we have offered about every kind of combination you can imagine. From string trio, woodwinds, the fiddle/guitar/upright bass based Americana Trio, classical guitar, harp, folk ensembles, you name it just ask for more information if you are interested!

Providing your music is a privilege for which we are grateful. We are delighted to help you make the best music choices for your wedding, ones that compliment and enrich your vision. Our clients are thoughtful and discriminating, and also pressed for time - we recognize and respect that! That goes for all the moms we work with too! To reserve your group, a short phone interview where we can assess your music wishes and pair that with the appropriate package and group is where to start. Email usto suggest a time to chat, or call Thomas at 512-689-1975 at your convenience. Let's start by discussing your vision and needs, put together your package, and get you on the calendar. If you are emailing, please include the your date, time and venue.

A contract and deposit reserves your date with the Hill Country Strings. We stay booked an average of six to twelve months in advance, our calendar stays very full, so reserve before it's too late, there is no penalty to cancel.

(512) 689-1975 | booking@hillcountrystrings.com
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