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We strive to not only bring you the highest quality performance, but also to have fun while we're doing it. This is accomplished through good planning, being adventurous with our repertoire, and having open minds. We are constantly writing new arrangements for our brides. Our books already have over 70 pop selections from which to choose!

Not only are we constantly in high demand, but to keep up our quality we simply can't do every single wedding that comes along. Booking as early as possible is recommended so we don't have to tell you we're not available. Our reservation process is practically penalty free, so if you think you're ready to get started, jump over to the rates page and send in your information. I'll be in touch soon. Or just cut to the chase and call me (Thomas) at 512.689.1975. Don't let someone else book us from under you - - make your reservation official with a contract and deposit.

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We have been consistently in high demand since the word first got out about us many years ago. We are always responsive, we are easy to work with, we save you from getting bogged down in too many options with our guidance. We help you pick the perfect music for YOUR sensibilities, and if we don't have it, we'll write it. We've been offering this service since day one in 2004.

Are you worried that you don't have the time to sort through all of the options and ensembles? You don't need to be. We'll save you the effort and make sure you get exactly what you want! We know you are busy, AND adventurous, and we can translate that through your song selection with a string quartet, or you can use instruments that most people never even think of for your ceremony - like our saxophone quartet or our flute, oboe, and cello trio!

News Flash: String Quartets Best String Combination

It's true, you can't really improve on the perfect balance of range, tone, projection and power of two violins, a viola and cello. I'm certainly not going to argue with Mozart or Beethoven. In our opinion, trying to save a few dollars by eliminating one of the players just isn't worth it. Plus, our string quartet books are super packed with great material and already have over 70 pop songs!

Fine String Music Transcends Space and Time

You couldn't get the venue of your dreams? There is no easier or faster way to transform your ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner hour into an event that will imprint itself on everyone's memory forever when you include the music of a fine string ensemble. The effect music has on you and your guests, it can't be captured in photographs of videos, but it will stay in your memory FOREVER!

Adventurous Instrumentations

for the ADVENTUROUS bride!

1. Woodwind Trio - Flute, Oboe and Cello. Listen to the woodwind trio on our samples page.

2. Saxophone Quartet - Incredibly beautiful Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone - great for larger ceremonies and cocktail hours. Listen to the classical saxophone quartet on our samples page.

3. Dulcinea Duo - Violin and Harp Guitar - the perfect marriage of strings on a budget. Listen to Dulcinea Duo here.

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