About Hill Country Strings

Hill Country Strings provides a coherent experience for busy Austin brides seeking perfectly executed ceremony music from a string quartet or other fine ensemble, with songs made to order, under the direction and vision of founder Thomas van der Brook.

Our mission is to share our love of music through spirited and elegant performances for couples on their wedding day, while maintaining a fun atmosphere planning and choosing the best songs for each bride.

We help the goal oriented bride get the exact ceremony music she wants, while saving her the trouble of having to sift through multiple websites and dozens of baffling song selections. We guide and assist our brides in getting the best ceremony music and let them save their energy for other tasks demanding attention.

About Founder Thomas van der Brook

Thomas van der Brook Thomas van der Brook

Thomas, an Austin native since 1996, grew up surrounded by classical music and culture in countries as diverse as Japan, West Germany, and in the South, Out West, and Midwestern United States, due to his parent's nomadic lifestyle. This kind of exposure and having to constantly adapt to new things has given him the perfect skill set to offer satisfied brides since 2005 the options to get exactly what they want. Thomas is a professional violinist, saxophone player, arranger, and sound recording engineer.

About the Team

We have gone to great lengths throughout the years to train and maintain a small group of professional musicians for our weddings. The core group is between 8 and 16 players, but for example, in 2012 our total number of performers on board was 30. That said, we like to keep our players in groups who they always play with. Many organizations selling string quartets simply contract the first responding players, but we think that familiarity of the players helps bring cohesive performances. In your internet searches, you may find groups advertising from other major Texas cities and even from the East Coast, but it is our experience that an integrated Austin based solution will bring you much higher value in performance and service.

Our performers have all undergone extensive and intense classical training, and in fact I maintain that classical string players are the most trained professionals working in the wedding industry. But we don't stop there. Our performers all have super attitudes, are grateful to be sharing music with you, and are quick on their feet. In many cases they are educators, perform professionally in jazz bands, rock bands, in the studio, as well as working classically in local and regional symphonies and opera companies.

About How We Do Things

We maintain an extensive music library, and you may be surprised to learn that your wedding will have the books arranged in your specific song order. We have always done it this way. We make the extra effort minimize chaos in what is one of the most stressful jobs in the wedding industry. I should also note we get the timings in the ceremony perfect nearly 100% of the time!

We also give you a full 30 minutes of prelude music as your guests are arriving. This is standard, we have always done this, and no other Austin string quartet even offers.

(512) 689-1975 | booking@hillcountrystrings.com
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