About Hill Country Strings

Hill Country Strings provides a savvy planning and day of experience for busy brides with songs from tastefully curated lists or made to order, played by string quartet or appropriate ensemble, under the direction and vision of founder Thomas van der Brook.

Our mission is to share our love of music through spirited and elegant performances for couples on their wedding day, while maintaining a fun atmosphere planning and choosing the best program for each bride.

We help the goal oriented bride get the specific ceremony music she wants, using our experience to make the process easy. You will be guided and assisted to get the best wedding music and let them save their energy for other tasks demanding attention.

About Founder Thomas van der Brook

Thomas van der Brook

Professional violinist and multi-instrumentalist Thomas van der Brook has been an Austin native since 1996. His formative years included a home environment saturated in classical music, and lived in places far and wide as Japan and Germany. Also many different parts of the US the South, our West and in the Midwest. This exposure and necessity to quickly adapt to new environments has given him the perfect skill set to quickly and easily offer clients diverse options. Thomas also arranges music for string quartet, and works in music recording and production.

About the Team

We go to great lengths to train and maintain a small group of professional musicians for our weddings. The core group is maybe a dozen players. Our teams are built on player's attitude, training, talent and professionalism. Our clients benefit from easily getting the best value in service, quality of performance, and choice of music available in Austin.

Our players are busy, and many hold key positions in the symphony and opera orchestras.

Your Music

Our library is extensive and up to date, with new songs being added every week, so our clients can choose from the hundreds of wedding appropriate songs we already have, or have a song arranged specifically for their wedding.

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